Patient Portal

Our patient portal is a way for you to view your medial records from wherever you are located. If you have ever been in need of emergency care, but unable to reach your physician to retrieve your medical records, the online patient portal gives you immediate access to all of your records regardless of where you are or the time of day. You can save time in the doctor’s office by having necessary documents on-hand, including lab test results, care from previous physicians, prescriptions and more.

With the technology provided by the Electronic Health Record system (EHR), you can communicate online with your doctor and send or receive prescriptions. Additionally, as a patient your quality of medical care improves with your doctor’s ability to view your medical history and previous treatment regimens, allowing them to provide a more accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan for your needs. Each feature is guaranteed under a safe and secure system that ensures confidentiality. All you need is a username and password, which is created for you when you come in for an appointment at Laserderm Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Surgery.

Electronic Health Records, or EHRs, are a computer based system of patient medical records that focus on the total health of you, the patient. Everything that had been written by hand is now entered into a computer. This secure EHR system permits direct access to certain areas of our office and to your Personal Health Information (PHI). It also enables our practice to share your medical information with other healthcare providers as needed.

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What the EMA EHR System Can Do for You:

  • Improve the quality of your medical care by providing your doctor with information to diagnose and prevent disease
  • Save you time checking in with office reception
  • Provide you with a way to communicate directly online with your doctor
  • Send prescription and prescription renewals directly to your pharmacy
  • Give you the results of your biopsy or laboratory tests online
  • Give your doctor the ability to communicate with other specialists to develop a treatment plan and coordinate your medical care
  • Reduce errors in paperwork that sometimes occur in the office

Have you ever been away from home and in need of medical care? Instead of undergoing needless tests, your doctor will be able to send and receive information about you to other doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies. With access to your complete medical information, provided by the cutting-edge technology of an EHR system, patients will be able to receive quick, safe and appropriate medical care.