Estheticians During COVID

We are excited to announce the return of our estheticians and all services have been restored! As of 9/3/2020 we have been cleared for our esthetics department to begin treatments that require the patient to remove their mask.

Glycolic Peels
Laser Facials
Laser Hair Removal (Face and Body)

In order to ensure proper safety for both our patients and staff we have taken many steps to meet state requirements.

Before returning to work each of our estheticians has had a negative Covid-19 test.

Staff are required to wear both a mask and face shield while performing treatments.

Prior to coming into the office each patient will be asked a series of screening questions to ensure they are healthy.

We will take each patient’s temperature upon arrival and require that you wear your face mask until you are in the treatment room about to begin the procedure.

The room is sanitized between each patient and deep cleaning is done each evening.

All of the linens in the room are cleaned daily and changed between each patient.

All of the instruments and brushes are run through a UV Light Sanitizer between each patient.