Cosmetic Dermatology

Although cosmetic and medical dermatology have their differences, both fields are vital to your physical and emotional wellbeing. You may not have a pressing medical condition that needs to be addressed, but you may be seeking treatments that revitalize your skin’s texture and elasticity. When you are looking for skin rejuvenation procedures that help take years off of your appearance, cosmetic dermatology can provide the solutions that you need. At Laserderm Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Surgery, we offer a variety of cosmetic enhancements that can improve the look and feel of your skin.

Antioxidants for skin care

Antioxidants provide a protective barrier for you skin so that it remains unharmed when exposed to harsh substances. Many of the antioxidants provided at Laserderm Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Surgery are derived from all-natural substances that work to repair any damage inflicted upon the skin. Antioxidants are available that help the skin become more firm, reduce inflammation, diminish the appearance of scars and more. Each product is gentle enough to use daily and promote your skin’s health. You may also begin to see results within several weeks of continued use.

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Anti-aging skin care

Our facials and peels contain antioxidants and chemicals that safely stimulate collagen production and restore a smooth texture to the skin. Collagen is a natural healing agent that naturally repairs damaged skin with new and improved skin cells. Collagen also works to remove the damage from the skin’s surface so that you can receive a youthful glow. Procedures like the Hydrafacial MD and glycolic peel each promote healthy skin rejuvenation, and we also perform microdermabrasion and laser therapy to help eliminate fine lines, facial scarring, age spots and sun damage.

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The natural aging process creates wrinkles, a loss in facial volume and sunken features, but with injectable treatment, you can reduce the presence of lines and create a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and others can fill in the features that have begun to sag over time. Injectables like BOTOX®, Dysport and Xeomin work to relax the muscles responsible for wrinkles and produce smoother skin. Depending on the conditions of your skin, you may receive one version of an injectable or a combination in order to provide you with the most natural enhancement.

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Laser treatment

Laser therapy can be applied to the skin for a number of cosmetic concerns including skin pigmentation, hair removal, tattoo removal and the appearance of veins. We utilize a variety of lasers with differing wavelengths to target the cosmetic issue you are experiencing, and in a matter of several treatment sessions, you can receive smooth and clear skin as well as an even skin tone.

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The cosmetic treatment that you receive at Laserderm Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Surgery will depend on the specifics of your cosmetic goals. To find out more about how we can enhance the natural qualities of your appearance, please contact our physicians and schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your desires and find a treatment plan that benefits you.